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“I Will Rise” is an intriguing play about Social Justice and Mental Health that inspires you to see the beauty in every person, to seek understanding rather than difference, and to do the compassionate thing in every challenge we face. The audience will see themselves in the racially and culturally diverse cast of teenagers, brothers, sisters, parents, teachers and lawyers.

“I Will Rise” follows the story of Ms Oaks, a devoted mother of two, who is being held on a minor infraction, which could easily be resolved if she can get a lawyer, if she can get a court date. This is a glimpse into a little-seen side of our justice system, where class, sexism and racism complicate the delivery of justice to many who languish in jail for weeks at a time, as their lives on the outside unravel. A brilliant Jewish lawyer whose grandparents were holocaust survivors is fighting for custody of his children, yet risks everything to fight for her release from jail. The lives of the youth she meets in jail are forever changed.

The play reveals the characters’ individual vulnerabilities as it delicately traces their lives back to discover that pivotal moment where things went wrong, in some cases resulting in mental health challenges. “I Will Rise” is a family play that emphasizes the importance of birth families, as well as the families we create out of common values, community and sometimes survival.

“I Will Rise” is appropriate for ages 10 and older. It will gently educate your children, friends and colleagues about society, mental health challenges, the law and inspire them to do the right thing. What is our role in creating justice? Is our justice system broken? What is the daily impact of a broken justice system on the life of diverse individuals? What can each individual, each family, each community realistically do to change our society for the better?

Proceeds to go to National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health.